In January of 2007, Pajono Woodworks was born. It was initially created as a side business producing craft related wood turned items and was a fun hobby. Things changed dramatically in October, 2008 when the economic downturn adversely affected the lumber market. All of the sudden I was out of a job and there were no lumber sales positions in Southern California that needed filled. It was time to figure out how to create gainful employment. It was at this point that Pajono Woodworks started the transition from being a hobby business to a full fledged company.

Pajono Woodworks is now a custom woodworking business specializing in industrial and architectural woodturning. We manufacture redwood pipe plugs, damage control plugs, thru-hull wood plugs, and softwood tapered wedges for public works, municipalities, and the military. These items are all made in house from various high quality wood species. In addition to the products we manufacture, we also supply various building materials related items for local municipalities and the military.

Pajono Woodworks is a CVE certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and is certified by the California Department of General Services as a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise.

The company has come a long way since it's inception in the garage. I'm quite certain the neighbors were pleased when Pajono Woodworks graduated from the garage into a real shop. Thankfully they were very supportive and tolerant of the clouds of sawdust billowing out of the garage and onto their cars. Most importantly, many thanks to the customers who gave me an opportunity to earn their business. They are the company's greatest asset!

Paul Norman